14951166 Canada Inc.
14951166 Canada Inc.
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Who We Are

14951166 Canada Inc. is based in Brampton Ontario is a Licensed Customs Broker committed
to service businesses across Canada, we are equipped with compliance professionals who
are experts to serve customs management for the imports to Canada.

Our Services

Customs Brokerage

We are licensed customs broker and are committed to diligently submitting
entries without any delays and serving all the ports of Canada.

Customs Consulting

We review the product descriptions, give hints about the HS codes,
Preferential duties and taxes, and also advise on applicable documentations.

Trade Support

Hire us as your customs team and
reap the benefits of experienced professionals managing the  import process.

What We Do

We offer 
a Range of 
​Specialized Services

to help importers develop new
product lines, explore new markets, and evaluate the impact of embargo.
In order to mitigate the cumbersome export process, we review the product and advise on basic necessary documentation requirements for compliance.

Cross Border Compliance Solutions

Preparation of customs documentation

Clearing at all the ports across Canada

Clearing cargo of Truck, Ocean and Air

Tariff classification and valuation

Non Resident Importer Services Program
 Sell to Canada Market

A non resident importer (NRI) is a company who  conducts  business in Canada without residing or having a physical presence in Canada, the most important advantage of being an NRI is the ability to access the Canadian market as a Importer of Record (IOR).

IOR can offer customers Landed Cost pricing that  includes delivery, duty and tax.
Supply chain expenses and additional costs are reduced or eliminated.
Commodities can classify accurately so can eliminate the  risk of costly penalties.
The Importer of Record  is responsible for customs compliance, maintaining records related to importation, and the  duties and taxes payable to the Government of Canada.

For queries, give us a call

Our team is ready and willing to answer any questions or concerns you may have and will get back to you shortly.